Pups in the Park

Dibbledogs2.JPGThe dog days of summer are coming to a close, but not before the Nationals welcome our four-legged friends to Nationals Park to enjoy the national pastime for a weekend.

Today and tomorrow, fans can bring their furry friends to watch the Nats take on the Marlins from the Left Field Mezzanine. The team has set up a relief station with water and pet sitters near Section 201.

MASN’s Rob Dibble wished he could have brought his three dogs -- Kobe, Samson and Delila -- to the Nats inaugural event, but it’s hard for them to travel. Samson and Delila are twin French Bordeaux Mastiff American Bulldogs from Cincinnati, OH and Kobe is a 7 year old Black Labrador.

“We always had dogs. My dad liked Irish Setters and Cocker Spaniels. Growing up, we had small dogs. As soon as I got out on my own, I wanted a big dog,” Dibble said.

Dibbledogs.JPGThat first dog was a German Shepherd named Taylor. When he met his wife, she introduced him to her giant Bordeaux Mastiff named Brutus, who has since passed away.

Talking like a proud father, Dibble described the breed as the “sweetest dog to family, but one of the best protection dogs ever” and agreed to share a few pictures of his babies.

For those looking to adopt a new pet, the Washington Humane Society is at the park today near the Family Fun Zone with some really sweet dogs looking for a new home.

Tickets sold out quickly for the team’s first-ever Pups in the Park promotion, but discounted “human” tickets are still available for tomorrow at nationals.com/pups. A portion of the proceeds from each ticket benefits the Washington Humane Society.

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