Where at Nats Park? (Updated)

You may recognize this one from the game at MASN’s booth at NatsFest, but here’s another chance to figure it out. Good luck this week!


Nice work everyone! I tried to hide the correct answers until now so that most of you could guess without being swayed by others. Many of you were correct! It is the green roof over Boardwalk Fries and Noah’s Pretzels in the LF corner.

Nationals Park is the nation’s first major professional stadium to become LEED Silver Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. The 6,300 square foot green roof minimizes roof heat gain and helps to absorb rainwater and reduce runoff to the nearby Anacostia River.

Please make sure you’re keeping track of your correct guesses each week --- and good luck in that MASN drawing from NatsFest!

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