Introducing “My First Game”

When was your first game? What do you remember? Was it magical?

Maybe it wasn’t your first game, but it’s the first one you remember. Something stuck out -- a crazy play, a star performance or maybe just the color of the grass?

As MASN continues to celebrate defining moments, Nats Buzz brings you a new weekly feature, “My First Game.” It grew out of a piece I wrote for another publication about first baseball memories and I quickly realized (after an experiment on Twitter) that many baseball fans can recall the exact moment they fell in love with the national pastime.

Each week, I’m going to talk to a Nationals player, coach, executive, broadcaster or writer to learn about his or her first memories of this great game.

In my case, it was a Pirates game in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I remember sitting as high as possible at Three Rivers Stadium along the third base line. If I close my eyes, I can picture that vantage point. I don’t remember who they played, but my parents insist it was a Willie Stargell Appreciation Day. It was a Sunday afternoon. I went home with a stuffed Pirate Parrot and a little fancrush on shortstop Jay Bell. I think I was about seven years old.

I can’t believe I can remember that experience so vividly. Baseball is a pretty special game in that regard.

Just yesterday, a friend told me that Opening Day 2010 was his first Major League Baseball game. Instantly hooked, he went home and bought a Nyjer Morgan jersey.

Whether that moment came during childhood or later in life, in Washington or in a city far away, our first memories of baseball are pretty fascinating.

Look for our first “My First Game” to begin on Friday and keep checking back every Friday for a new story.

And, please share your own memories in the comments each week as we learn more about those defining moments when we all fell in love with baseball.

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