Weekly Wrap

A week removed from the Winter Meetings, the biggest news out of the Nationals organization is the lack of news. The Nats still have yet to make moves involving Michael Morse and/or Adam LaRoche, who Byron Kerr compares here.

Where LaRoche will land for the 2013 season is uncertain, although the Nats said at the Winter Meetings that they were confident he would be back in D.C.

Yesterday, the Angels announced that they had reached an agreement on a five-year, $125 million contract with left-handed slugger Josh Hamilton. Dan Kolko suggests that this means the Rangers could begin to be more interested in LaRoche.

On Dec. 7, Dan Haren officially became a National after passing his physical. The Nats also signed Dominican third base prospect Neivy Pilier, 16, for a $225,000 bonus.

After a 98-win season, the Nats are in a new position, one which includes a later pick in the 2013 draft and a greater appeal to free agents.

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