Off the field, Zimmerman, Span and Gonzalez answered your questions in MASN’s live chat

After a huge Nationals win, MASN will show you postgame interviews with players, in which reporters ask about a big inning or a huge home run. Following a loss, you will hear players being asked some tough questions, maybe about pitch selection or a costly error.

Either way, you often hear players answering serious, game-related inquiries. However, we know that you have other burning questions for the players. Maybe you were curious about which National was the best golfer. Have you ever wondered what Ryan Zimmerman’s superstitions are? Do you know what career paths Gio Gonzalez or Denard Span would take if they weren’t playing professional baseball?

Glad you asked. On Wednesday, we held our first #NatsChats, a live video chat from Nats Park, with Zimmerman, Span and Gonzalez.

Taking fan-submitted questions, Dan Kolko found out players’ thoughts on expanded instant replay, what Span liked to do in D.C., and more!

If you missed the fun yesterday, you can check out the chats from Nats Park below.

Span and Gonzalez:


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