Lombardozzi’s web gem highlights 3-2 victory

In a tie ballgame, every play matters.

Jordan Zimmermann found himself in a bit of a jam in the seventh inning with two men in scoring position and only one out. Kevin Frandsen came to the plate and ripped it down the third base line, but Ryan Zimmerman snatched it and got the lead runner going to the plate.

Cesar Hernandez came to the plate with two on and two outs, the game tied at 2-2. He hit a grounder past Adam LaRoche, and well, I’ll let the video explain the rest ...

Click here to watch the video.

Following Steve Lombardozzi’s amazing play with the glove, the second baseman knocked a ball up the middle, allowing a run to score on a fielder’s choice in the top of the eighth. In addition to giving the Nats a lead, Lombardozzi also put his pitcher in line for the win, which eventually led to Zimmermann’s 16th victory of the season.

Have a day, Lombo, have a day.

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