#IChallengeMatt: Take on the skipper at his own game in CareFirst Fan Challenge (updated)


From watching Matt Williams on and off the field, one word immediately comes to mind when I think about the Nationals skipper: intense.

The manager often appears serious and in the zone while managing his team. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also have fun and let loose. You’ll see the best of both worlds from Williams at our upcoming Fan Challenge, presented by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield!

We’re inviting you to take on Williams at his own game. What’s that game, you ask? Fungo golf! If you’ve never heard of it, get prepped by watching the video below.

Think you can take down the Nats skipper? Well, bring it on! We want you to tweet why you should be chosen to challenge Williams using #IChallengeMatt.

We’re looking for creative entries: pictures and video and Instagram links are encouraged. We’ll pick one of our favorites to take on Williams in a round of fungo golf on the field at Nats Park!

The contest runs from Aug. 11-17, and winners will be selected on Aug. 22.

Are you ready? Get tweeting using #IChallengeMatt!

Update: The winner of the challenge is James Collins! He’ll take on Williams, in addition to Dan Kolko, in a battle of fungo golf. A few men will enter the field at Nats Park, but only one will emerge as the CareFirst Fan Challenge fungo golf champion!

Check out Collins’ tweet below, and be sure to wish him luck!

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