Nationals announce 2013 schedule (updated)

The Nationals have announced their 2013 schedule, which sees them open at home against the Miami Marlins and finish the season with six straight road contests - three at St. Louis and three at Arizona.

The season opener will come on Monday, April 1. The Nats will host the Marlins for three games before hitting the road for three against the Reds.

The annual Battle of the Beltways series will continue for an eighth straight season. Both the Nationals and Orioles will host two games over a four-day stretch from May 27-30.

In addition to the Orioles, the Nationals will host three interleague series - the White Sox (April 9-11), Tigers (May 7-8) and Twins (June 7-9) will all visit Nationals Park.

The Twins, whose lineage began in Washington as the original Senators, will return to D.C. for the first time since 1971.

Outside of the O’s, the Nats will also have road interleague series against the Indians, Tigers and Royals.

From June 1-July 28, the Nats will play 24 of their 34 games at Nats Park. Down the stretch, however, the Nats will spend a lot of time on the road, as 16 of their final 26 contests will be away from the District.

They also play 26 straight games within the division from Aug. 27-Sept. 22

Here’s the full schedule, with game times to be announced at a later date:

1, 3-4 vs. Marlins
5-7 at Reds
9-11 vs. White Sox
12-14 vs. Braves
15-17 at Marlins
19-21 at Mets
22-24 vs. Cardinals
25-28 vs. Reds
29-30 at Braves

1-2 at Braves
3-5 at Pirates
7-8 vs. Tigers
10-12 vs. Cubs
13-15 at Dodgers
16-19 at Padres
20-22 at Giants
24-26 vs. Phillies
27-28 vs. Orioles
29-30 at Orioles
31 at Braves

1-2 at Braves
4-6 vs. Mets
7-9 vs. Twins
11-13 at Rockies
14-16 at Indians
17-19 at Phillies
20-23 vs. Rockies
25-27 vs. Diamondbacks
28-30 at Mets

1-4 vs. Brewers
5-7 vs. Padres
8-11 at Phillies
12-14 at Marlins
15-18 ALL-STAR BREAK (All-Star Game will be 7/16)
19-21 vs. Dodgers
22-25 vs. Pirates
26-28 vs. Mets
30-31 at Tigers

2-4 at Brewers
5-7 vs. Braves
9-11 vs. Phillies
13-15 vs. Giants
16-18 at Braves
19-22 at Cubs
23-25 at Royals
27-29 vs. Marlins
30-31 vs. Mets

1 vs. Mets
2-4 at Phillies
6-8 at Marlins
9-12 at Mets
13-15 vs. Phillies
16-18 vs. Braves
19-22 vs. Marlins
23-25 at Cardinals
27-29 at Diamondbacks

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