Adam Jones Bobblehead Night

Bobblehead nights at Oriole Park usually tend to do two things:

1. Get lots of fans to come out to the Yard to support the Birds

2. Cause more than half of those fans to utter the phrase: “How come bobbleheads never really look like the person they’re supposed to be?”

It’s true, few bobbleheads bear an exact likeness to their namesake, and we do wonder why that bobbling head makes it that much harder to fashion a statue that accurately portrays the person whose name is painted on the base.


But we love them anyway.

But why? They’re only funny little collectibles, but there’s something about them that most fans find endearing, sort of like the draw people have toward mascots. If you think too hard about a large, animated, plush Bird whistling at you and striking high fives, it’s admittedly a little funny if not strange.

But it’s fun. Maybe it reminds us of coming to the ballpark as kids, or maybe a bobblehead is just an amusing collectible to put on the corner of your desk, a silly sight to bring on a smile in the middle of a work day.

But I bet a lot of you would admit that you’re excited about Adam Jones Bobblehead Night at Camden Yards this Wednesday. You might have even bought your tickets in advance with the plan to show up early and make sure you’re one of the first 25,000 fans (15 and over) through the gates at OPACY on Wednesday.

I should also mention too that this Adam Jones bobblehead isn’t a bad likeness at all. The statue actually does look like the young centerfielder, who in this case is wearing his home whites, blowing a pink bubble and making a leaping catch in front of the outfield wall.

So even if we aren’t sure just what draws us to bobblehead giveaways, I have a feeling I’ll see you at the Yard this Wednesday. Have fun if you head out to Oriole Park and Go O’s!

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