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In case you haven’t been able to catch up with the last week’s worth of O’s news beyond the win-loss column, here’s a collection of links to fun articles and/or videos relating to the Orioles from the last few days.


ESPN noticed Nick’s balancing talents
You might have seen Nick Markakis balance a chair on his chin in his biweekly video journal with the Baltimore Sun, but the ESPN the Magazine “Besides the Point” feature highlighting Markakis’ unusual talent revealed that the right fielder’s skills go even further than that.

The photo shows Nick balancing that famous folding chair on his chin, while the article explains that he “began balancing water bottles and baseballs on his chin when he was a child. In addition to folding chairs, his talent has evolved to include shopping carts and vacuum cleaners.”

Say again?

Am I the only one wondering how this little trick progressed to shopping carts and vacuum cleaners? That’s pretty wild stuff and I only wish the ESPN Video also on Markakis’ Right Side Foundation website had shown him balancing either of those gems on his chin.

This or That with Brian Roberts
In addition to his weekly video blog, B-Rob answered some extra either/or questions for a new segment we called “This or That with Brian Roberts”. Watch Brian react to each question, think over his answer and sometimes even go back and forth between choices like a batting title or a Gold Glove? It’s also fun to look back at answers like his “game-winning hit” over “game-saving out” and remember the 2B’s game-winners in Philly last weekend. When you’re finished, feel free to submit your own This or That questions for B-Rob and he might bring the segment back for a second round sometime this season.


Dennis the Menace
In case you missed the segment on MASN, Dennis Sarfate’s Dennis the Menace segment where he seeks out members of the Baltimore media and asks them what famous person they’ve been told they look like is still available to watch in our Media Lounge.

Not only did Sarfate ask the media who they’ve been told they resemble, he also brought along photos of his own assessment for each one.

Watch to see which celebrities Sarfate says remind him of’s Spencer Fordin,’s Steve Melewski and Roch Kubatko, The Baltimore Sun’s Dan Connolly, and MASN’s Amber Theoharis.

You’d trade who?
The Baltimore Sun puts up informal fan polls every couple of days, and the results of a recent one asking Which of the following Orioles is the most likely to be traded this season? weren’t what I would have expected. Of the choices - Danys Baez, Aubrey Huff, Melvin Mora, Felix Pie, Luke Scott, George Sherrill, and Other - I guessed Danys Baez or Aubrey Huff. In fact, the winner (click here to vote and view the results) beat out the rest of the field by a landslide with 29,348 of the 32,717 total votes.

Fun to remember weird memorabilia
The Sun’s Dan Connolly posed a fun and interesting question to O’s fans as of Wednesday: “What’s your goofiest piece of Baltimore sports memorabilia?Connolly asked for “something goofy that you collected presumably because you thought it would have some worth or special meaning, And you held on to it for no particular reason. (If you don’t have something local, I’ll take something national. Just make it random and bizarre).”

A few dozen of you responded, but the fan who shared a story about standing in line at FanFest behind a guy waiting to get David Segui’s autograph on a “large men’s room sign from Memorial Stadium” that he was “getting players who had, um, played there to sign it” was maybe the best.

So whether you shared there or not, feel free to replay the same memories or new ones here as well using the comment box below. The floor is also open for simply the coolest piece of memorabilia you have or the one that means the most to you (even if it’s not something “valuable”).

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