More O’s Promos

Friday, June 12: Orioles Floppy Hat Day
The First 25,000 fans (21 and older, as this promo is sponsored by Miller Lite) will receive an Orioles Floppy Hat giveaway. From the picture on the website, it also appears as though the hat is reversible, in case you want to wear your floppy hat often enough that you’d want to switch things up.

Was anyone finding that a problem before?

Orioles-Floppy-Hat_Black.jpg Orioles-Floppy-Hat_Orange.jpg

Friday is also Student Night, which features dirt cheap $6 left field upper reserve tickets with a valid student ID.

Saturday, June 13: Crab Mallet SetOrioles-Crab-Mallet-Set.jpg
The first 10,000 fans (15 and older) to hit the Yard on Saturday night will receive an Orioles Crab Mallet Set courtesy of the MD wonder spice, the one we smother crabs in, the one we put on popcorn and French fries and ice cream (kidding), the one that brings us the Crab Shuffle on the big screen at Oriole Park -- Old Bay.

I’ve heard some buzz about this one; fans seem to be excited about the crab mallet set. I say, pick up your crab mallets and enjoy a game of O’s baseball at the Yard Saturday night, then have a bushel of crabs on order for Sunday afternoon.

Does a weekend possibly get better than that?

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