Jack-O-lanterns, emphasis on the “O!”

It’s likely inevitable that the weather will turn warm again for at least one more weekend before winter settles in, but the cold weather came on fast this year, didn’t it? Orioles-Pumpkin.jpgBut with it comes that time of year when Starbucks puts out its Pumpkin Spice latte, the amazing cook in the office brings in delicious pumpkin bread, and you see the bright orange faces of carved pumpkins themselves smiling from the doorsteps of neighborhood houses.

But this year, if you still have a pumpkin ripe for carving, forego the gap-toothed grin and check out these Orioles pumpkin carving stencils courtesy of the O’s on Orioles.com.

The stencils are free to download, and you can choose from the Baltimore and Orioles script logos, as well as guides for carving the Retro Bird or the Orioles “O” on your pumpkins this season.

A list of tools and directions for using the stencils are posted below photos of the four Orioles pumpkin carving designs, so take advantage of this free, easy and fun way to show your Oriole fan pride this fall!

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