Let's hear from the female fans

Recently, the Orioles Buzz featured a call to fans for their best promotion ideas for the 2010 season. Not only did you O's fans respond with some great promos, but one fan mentioned how she'd like to see some events focused on bringing women to the ballpark. So, I figured I'd look into what some other clubs have already been doing in that department.

Not all teams have a women's club, but a handful of them do. For example, the Toronto Blue Jays have the "Lady Jays"; the Los Angeles Dodgers have the "DodgersWIN" (Women's Initiatives Network); the Pittsburgh Pirates have the "Lady Bucs"; and the Texas Rangers have the "Texas Rangers Women's Club."

But these women's clubs are about more than just gathering a group of ladies to watch the game with at the stadium.

These four women's clubs all conduct some sort of community service in their MLB city, in addition to bringing women to the ballpark to simply enjoy baseball.

The Texas Rangers Women's Club even volunteers at Rangers games when they're not watching the action together from the stands.

Some groups have official meetings; others gather at their charitable events or at the ballpark. Some memberships include discounts at the team store or concessions stands; others offer members access to special events, like a one-hour yoga session on the field with a ballplayer and his personal yoga instructor.

So while it's not a staple of every team, there are several clubs out there who are reaching out specifically to their female fans. So how about it ladies, would you like to see a "Lady Birds Club" started here at Oriole Park one day?

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