The ‘Twitter Meetings’ - For Better or Worse?

The info is essentially instantaneous at this year’s Winter Meetings.


Reporters are writing, blogging, recording, and tweeting information at all hours and from all angles in Indianapolis.

One of the reporters sent to Indy this year admitted that he was nearly exhausted heading into only day two of the flurry that is the Winter Meetings. The energy and upkeep required of the kind of pace they’re maintaining in Indy is incredible, but fans are benefiting with more information available from more outlets than ever before.

After all, you can get Orioles updates from Roch’s blog, Steve Melewski’s blog, the Media Lounge, Twitter and Facebook, all from alone - multiply that by the news universe and it’s almost information overload - almost.

But is it all good news, or are instant outlets like Twitter hurting the news process at baseball’s biggest news-fest of the offseason?

Check out this Yahoo Sports article asking that very question: Is Twitter helping or hurting baseball’s winter meetings?

What’s your take? Is more always better, or are this year’s Winter Meetings suffering from the age of instant information without confirmation?

Shameless plug alert: I’ll be heading to the cocktail reception for the BCF Tennis Challenge tonight and the actual event tomorrow evening to report back on Jeremy Guthrie and Brad Bergesen’s skills with a racket in place of a bat and glove.

I’ll also be heading to the Orioles Kids Christmas Party at the ESPN Zone Wednesday over lunch, so check back to the Orioles Buzz for updates from each of those events coming soon.

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