This and That from Indianapolis

Video from Indy
Have you been keeping up with’s collection of video coverage from this year’s Winter Meetings?

Access the full collection of Orioles video coverage here, and don’t forget to take a look at the daily exclusive one-on-one interviews with Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail.

Observing the activity
Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports put together a brief list of observations from this year’s Winter Meetings.

There’s nothing earth shattering here, but check out the article to see what Peter Gammons never goes anywhere without and how the Japanese media go about covering the Winter Meetings.

Outspending the big fish
To directly quote the article I intend to point out, “The Hot Stove season is likely to be a fairly tepid affair for the Orioles this year.” - Or at least in comparison to an offseason in which they outspent the New York Yankees.

As the Camden Chat post The Year the Orioles Outspent the Yankees notes, the Orioles became the first team in baseball to post a $70 million payroll, and they were the last team to outspend the Yankees.

Minor Matters
Ever wonder who selects the next city for baseball’s Winter Meetings? Would you be surprised to learn it’s Minor League Baseball, not Major League Baseball that plans baseball’s biggest offseason event?

Minor League Baseball sets up the Winter Meetings to attract vendors, host a large job fair, and also hold meetings of their own. So while MLB has obviously joined in the activity, MiLB actually runs the show.

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