Where in the Yard? (Updated w/ Answer)

Following an O's-filled weekend that brought you 2010 Orioles FanFest, we're right back here in the Orioles Buzz for another Monday edition of 'Where in the Yard?'

Last week we looked at a few standings, which put Lauren in the lead, but this week the slates are wiped clean. We'll start over and give you all a fresh chance to out-identify Lauren on all things Orioles.

If you're new to the O's Buzz and/or 'Where in the Yard?' - Welcome to either or both, it's the perfect time to join in! All you have to do is identify the item in the photo below by telling us what it is and where it's located in or around Camden Yards.


Good Luck!

Update: John W. is on top of things this morning - Nice job John, you have the early lead.

Glassman, sbauer318, ortrader, Lauren, Chris in Baltimore, Lindsay, Jeremy from Cumberland, Heathir, Brenda Mills, Orioles Magic, Allan, Shaq, and Chris Stallings have it as well...

Adam in York, Bob St, Amy, Tim Morris, Pat Rochowiak, Ryan S, bedman, Dom and Travis Turner, Avi, Matthew F, Pete O's Fan in NJ, and LegendCB5 have also been added to the list.

Answer: Under no illusions that I would stonewall you guys with this one, I was still (pleasantly) surprised that all of you recognized the Baltimore Sun logo on the scoreboard.

I don't know about you guys, but in my mind, the mental picture of the scoreboard goes hand in hand with the old outfield view of the Bromo Seltzer building. What an amazing skyline view the Yard used to have - though you can still hardly beat Oriole Park.

Nice job this week, and let me know your thoughts if you want a harder one in the next round...

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