Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone. Whether you’re at work or off for the holiday, we’re back at the ballpark for another Where in the Yard? challenge here in the Orioles Buzz.

This week promises more Birds, but these two aren’t the only ones of their kind that you’ll find in the Yard.

And don’t forget, since we’ve reached Week 5, things will play out a little differently come the mid-week reveal. You’ll have until Wednesday to submit your guess for this week’s photo, as usual; but this time around, I’ll be keeping track of more than merely this week’s winners. Following the conclusion of the fifth round, I’ll be doublechecking the standings from all of the previous weeks to see where you all fall.


So don’t forget to check back throughout the week for the answer and to see where you rank against fellow O’s fans in overall standings...Good Luck!

Update: Bruce, Jeremy from Cumberland, Allan, and bedman already have it. Bob, Lee R., John W., Lauren and Chuck from CT have joined them too...Along with Brandt (O’s fan), Steve Trust, Amy, Adam in York, Morgan R, Ryan, Heathir, Lorenzo, Marc, sbauer, and LegendCB5.

This is also Bruce’s first stab at a Where in the Yard? photo challenge, and in case there are any other first-timers joining us (Welcome! It’s never too late to join in!), you’ll find a refresher on the rules below - or you can also visit any of the first four Where in the Yard? entries here...

How to Play: No worries, it’s easy. Just take a look at this week’s Where in the Yard? photo and tell us what you see and/or where it’s located in or around Oriole Park at Camden Yards. We’re keeping track of everyone’s correct guesses; standings will be posted after every five rounds; and prizes might just be a possibility...

Answer: These Birds are the Orioles that welcome you to Camden Yards, as they highlight every set of Camden green gates that greet you at the entrances to Oriole Park.


I think all of you who took a guess got this one right, so congrats and stay tuned for the overall standings coming soon....

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