Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

It’s February 1st already, which means the Orioles officially report to spring training this month.

That said, O’s fans probably don’t need extra help getting excited for Orioles baseball, but a mental walk around the Yard never hurts - so we’re back for another ‘Where in the Yard?’ photo challenge in the Orioles Buzz.

And no, this week’s image isn’t a gimme - the giveaways don’t start until Opening Day, and even then, you’ll have to head to the ballpark gates if you’re looking for a freebie.

Yes, we’re at Edward Bennett Williams Plaza this week for ‘Where in the Yard?’ - So I gave you the what; but what I want to know is where. Where is Edward Bennett Williams Plaza? What’s just below these letters? What’s laid out in front of it?


Bonus: There’s plenty of potential for bonus points this week, but here’s your official chance: Tell me who Edward Bennett Williams is for a guaranteed extra point.

Good Luck!

Update: Sbauer318, Dom, Allan, Tim Morris, Chris in Baltimore, and Roscoe hit all three of the markers, plus the bonus. Add Bedman, Heathir, Bob St., Jeff in York, Ryan S and HowBoutThemO’s to this group as well.

Brant (O’s Fan), Pete O’s Fan in NJ, John W., Lauren, Glassman, and Nancy Lauer all gave one or two of the details identifying this week’s photo, as well as the bonus. Nancy Lauer, Amy, and Bryan also have one or two of the details, plus the bonus.

Jeremy from Cumberland has two, but in order to get the bonus, you’ll have to specify EBW’s connection to the O’s...(which he has since done. So Jeremy, you’ve been added to the first group - Nice job!)

Chris Stallings also got the bonus.

Answer: Below this sign for Edward Bennett Williams Plaza are the ticket windows at the north end of the Warehouse at Camden Yards. In the plaza in front of the ticket windows are the retired number and Babe Ruth statues.

And for the bonus (which most of you knew) Edward Bennett Williams was the owner of the Orioles from 1980-1988. On top of that, thank EBW for OPACY, without which we wouldn’t be playing ‘Where in the Yard?’

Congrats to those who scored a fistful of points this week, and nice job everyone!

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