Where in the Yard? (Updated w/Answer)

We’ve reached that point on the calendar that seems to mark the unofficial end of summer with the passing of Labor Day weekend, but there’s still another month of regular season baseball to enjoy. With that comes another month of the weekly O’s Buzz photo contest, ‘Where in the yard?’

So shake off the disappointment of the long weekend gone by, and take a look at the photo below. As always, let us know what the item is and where it’s located in or around Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Then, check back to see if your name has been added to the list of O’s fans who guessed correctly. We’ll keep track of the points and announce another winner at the end of September, so guess early (for bonus points) and be thorough (for more bonus points), and you could take home an MLB gift card by the end of the regular season here in the Orioles Buzz.


Update: Charles B from Sp and Austin have this one already, but it looks like I’m stumping a lot of you. Do you need a hint, O’s fans?

Chris in Baltimore, baensor (o’s fan), Scotty B, and bryan in towson also guessed correctly without any help, which gives everyone on this side of the hint a bonus point for the first round in September.

Now to offer a little help...

Hint: Maybe it Will help to Call ahead in order to get the best seats for your next game at Camden Yards, but you can also get tickets at the ballpark...

With the help of the hint, Wes in York, fayeber, Zevi L, Avi M, and Lauren now have it as well...

Answer: About half of you guessed this week’s image correctly without any help, but a few of you took full advantage of the hint to still grab a point before this week’s reveal.

So without further fanfare, this week’s image was a close-up of one of the speakers that greets you at Will Call and Ticket windows around the ballpark.

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