Aramark appears to be out at Oriole Park

Aramark has served as the Orioles’ food vendor since Camden Yards opened in 1992, and they’ve popped up in the news and here in the Orioles Buzz a handful of times in the last year or two. But heading into the 2011 season, the Orioles have decided to part ways with their long-time concessions vendor.

It wasn’t that long ago that the O’s announced the arrival of a new head chef and a slew of new menu items (Opening Day 2009), as well as the addition of food and beverage items from local restaurants and further new menu items, such as gluten-free and kid-sized options (Opening Day 2010) - all additions to ballpark concessions that took place under Aramark’s watch.

However, Orioles spokesman Greg Bader told the Baltimore Sun Tuesday that the club would not be renewing their contract with Aramark for next year.

According to the article in The Sun, the Orioles are currently in talks with another vendor, which was not named since a contract has not yet been signed.

Exactly what sort changes to the variety and quality of ballpark concessions this means for hungry fans heading to Oriole Park in 2011 remains to be seen; but there will undoubtedly be more information coming throughout the offseason as talks with alternative vendors continue.

Stay tuned!

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