Orioles: The Real Deal

Defying the odds, the predictions and many fans’ expectations, the Orioles emerged as a powerhouse in the AL East this season. With a 93-69 record in the regular season, the Orioles locked up a wild card spot on the last day of September and found themselves in the playoffs for the first time since 1997.

While some fans we asked said they knew as early as spring training that the Orioles were going to play into October, other cited specific times when they felt more confident in the Birds. From the sweep of the Blue Jays in late April to Chris Davis’ win in the 17th inning at Fenway to the ‘pen shutting down teams night after night, fans all had different reasons to believe. However, as the season wore down, more and more fans began to realize that this team was, in fact, the real deal.

Using our Twitter feed and Facebook page, we asked fans when you believed that the Orioles were a team to watch. Below are the compiled results.


Illustration credit: Ally Bittner

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