Birds battling St. Louis for title of best uniforms in baseball

Duking it out against the Cardinals, the Orioles are looking for their fans to rally behind them and support their push to the top. But this is not a battle of who’s best on the diamond. Rather, it’s a debate of who looks best on the field in ESPN’s “Battle of the Uniforms.”

Mimicking their wearers’ 2012 season, the Orioles’ uniforms have played the role of an underdog, scrapping their way into the final round of the battle as a No. 13 seed. Defeating the other orange uniforms, the fourth-seeded Astros, in the first round, the Orioles moved on to eliminate the top-seeded Tigers and then squeezed by the division-rival Yankees and their pinstripes.

Now, it’s down to two teams: the Orioles in the American League and the No. 1 seed in the National League, the Cardinals. It’s a battle of the Birds, and the Orioles need your help to be crowned owners of the best uniforms in the majors.

Want the Orioles uniforms to take down the top-seeded Cardinals? Click here and cast your vote for orange and black! Voting ends Monday at noon.

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