What’s with the Pro Bowl quarterbacks?

Going into this Sunday’s game with against the Minnesota Vikings the Ravens will be facing future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre. This will mark the fourth time in the last five weeks the Ravens will face a Pro Bowl QB.

San Diego brought the Ravens their first Pro Bowl QB in Phillip Rivers and after he lit up the Ravens’ secondary, a late defensive stand sealed the win.

When I say four out of the last five weeks, it could technically be five-in-a-row because in week three the Ravens saw a little bit of Derek Anderson who in 2007 made the Pro Bowl when Tom Brady refused to play because of injury. It’s not officially four-out-of-five weeks because Brady Quinn got the start in that game.

Then came Tom Brady, enough said. He’s a Pro Bowl/MVP candidate every year.

Then came Carson Palmer. Even though he was coming off a year where he sat out injured, the Pro Bowler still conjured up a late-game drive to beat the Ravens.

Didn’t Brett Favre retire? No, No, he’s with the Vikings now and Baltimore gets to go against him this Sunday.

The Ravens deserve a bye week after having to face all those QB’s. Too bad coming out of the bye the Ravens will possibly be facing an undefeated Broncos team and then they get Carson Palmer and the Bengals all over again.

That doesn’t seem fair.