Shoppin' for wide receivers

With the signing of Dante Stallworth the Ravens addressed a portion of the holes they need to fill for next season. Granted, it's two weeks into the offseason, but the Ravens are already making moves to better their offense.

Now while there might not be any moves coming in the immediate future, it's fun to speculate who the next Ravens' WR may be.

We can keep Derrick Mason out of this discussion because he's already the heavy favorite to be the next receiver for the Ravens, but who other than that should be next?

There's a variety of different WR possibilities and players like Brandon Marshall and Terrell Owens are out there. Maybe you would be happy enough to just bring back Mark Clayton and Mason.

Or maybe you want to go after a receiver in the draft. If that's the case, lets here some names of who you think will be the next-best thing.

Lets go over some of the WR candidates:

-Terrell Owens
-Brandon Marshall
-Chris Chambers
-Steve Breaston
-Malcom Floyd
-Braylon Edwards
-Vincent Jackson
-Miles Austin
-Kevin Walter
-Lance Moore

If I held the GM role for the Ravens I would stay away from Owens. He didn't have a solid QB last season, but he just didn't look the same regardless. Also, Steve Breaston and Miles Austin just aren't appealing enough as players to take this offense to a new level.

It's hard for me to not pick Brandon Marshall. He, in my opinion, is worth the trouble. The Ravens have never had a receiver like Marshall and he would definitely take this offense to a new level. The Broncos never had a presence like Ray Lewis in their locker room and I think Lewis could keep Marshall in check all year.

That's my WR choice...what's yours?