How much do you miss the NFL?

I’m almost positive my thoughts are similar to a lot of Baltimore sports fans in that, I really miss the NFL season. I miss Sundays and fantasy football and most of all, watching a winning team in Baltimore.

For my entire life I’ve been just as big of an O’s fan as I have been a Ravens fan, and usually I’m very content with watching sub-par baseball all summer long.

This year is different.

I will always have every Maryland sports team’s back, but I find myself just fading from the baseball scene and right into purple and black and it’s not because my blog is called Ravens Buzz. It’s because the Ravens are a team you can be proud to be a fan of.

My internet has been down for the last week so I decided to add the NFL channel to get my fix, and within a day of having it I saw this video of John Harbaugh talking about the Ravens.

It’s amazing to see the excitement in his eyes and you can tell how happy he is with this year’s team.

I hope you enjoy.