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A closer look at Shayne Graham

When the Ravens signed Shayne Graham on June 3, 2010, it marked the end of a seven-year run as Cincinnati's place kicker - a seven-year run where Graham established himself as the fourth most accurate kicker in NFL history. Unfortunately, what may have led to his departure from Cincy was the pair of kicks he'll never get back. After missing his first kick early in

Preseason round three: New York Giants

The Ravens welcome the Giants into town tonight for their 12th ever preseason game against the GMen. The third preseason game is usually the most like regular season so tonight should be a perfect test for the first team offense and defense. Joe Flacco and company should see game play for the entire first half if not more giving them plenty of time to get

SI's Peter King visits Ravens training camp

Who needs Hard Knocks when you got Peter King, from SI.com, at Ravens training camp. He, like everyone else, is calling the Ravens a major Super Bowl contender with one major flaw, the cornerbacks. King said after talking to team officials that he's almost positive the Ravens will make a trade to bring in another corner, but he thinks it will be another team's nickle

Harbs and Webb talk about the comeback

John Harbaugh: -His thoughts on CB/RS Lardarius Webb practicing: "My thoughts are all good thoughts about Lardarius being out there. He went through individual [drills] and looked good moving around. We'll probably put him on some kind of path, the same that we did with Fabian [Washington]. That seemed to work out really well, [and they had the] same injuries. I know he's really excited

Preseason round two: Washington Redskins

It's the sixth time the Ravens and Redskins will meet in the preseason, but the first time they'll get to see Donovan McNabb in a Skins' jersey. Luckily, it's the only time they'll meet this year. The last time the Ravens played a preseason game at Washington was in 2007, but the game was cut short in the third quarter due to some nasty weather.

Mid-week coaches talk

John Harbaugh 08/17 - On how it looks like CB Lardarius Webb has been progressing, and his take on Webb saying he isn't in a rush to play during the preseason: "That's kind of been our position all the way through with all of our guys. I think, as you said, we might want to be cautious with it. We're going to be cautious with

It's finally here

It's been a long wait Baltimore, but football is finally back. The Ravens and Panthers square off in about five hours and we finally get to see this team play some real football. We finally get to see the new acquisitions on offense and how they play together. We'll get to watch the rookies play and be able to make our own opinions on who

Mid-week training camp chatter

John Harbaugh: 8/7 - On whether there is any excitement with the game coming up this week: "Oh, yeah. Guys will always say, 'It's time to hit somebody else,' and there really is truth in that. That's why you practice - to play games. And we try to format practice so they're set up to be able to play well in game situations, and you

A few extra reasons to throw the yellow flag

Going into the 2010 season, there may be a few more reasons for the Refs to throw that yellow flag, and also for the coaches, the red one. The Ravens were no stranger to the yellow flag last season and after a few controversial calls around the league it was clear some changes would be made. Most of what was discussed at the NFL clubs

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