Offensively, the Browns are ranked higher

As shown in a few of my previous entries, the Ravens have had the advantage in the overall series against the Browns. But, going into to Sunday the Browns have the better ranked offense. The fact that the Ravens played two of the best defenses in the league may factor into these low rankings:

Browns: Total Offense: 17 (319)
Rush Offense: 22 (88.5)
Pass Offense: 13 (231)
Points/Game: 24(t) (14)

Ravens: Total Offense: 25 (270.5)
Rush Offense: 26 (79)
Pass Offense: 21 (191.1)
Points/Game: 30 (10)

Now on the defensive side of ball the Ravens and Browns don’t even come close in the rankings.

Ravens: Total Defense: 2 (214.5)
Rush Defense: 13 (105.0)
Pass Defense: 2 (109.5)
Points/Game: 5(t) (12)

Browns: Total Defense: 13 (300)
Rush Defense: 25 (129.5)
Pass Defense: 8(t) (170.5)
Points/Game: 12(t) (16.5)

This last ranking may be the most disturbing ranking the Ravens have ever had. You may not want to read this next part.

The Ravens turnover ratio is -6 ranking them LAST in the 32-team league. The Browns, on the other hand, have a -1 turnover ratio ranking them 17th in the league.