Adam Dunn on the Ravens: “This is their year”

While shooting the Adam Dunn Video Blog today, Jen Royle asked Dunn whom he thought would win Monday and his pick was the Ravens. He also went on the say that this is the Ravens’ year. Not that that means much coming from a baseball player, but Dunn knows his football and for him to think it’s the Ravens’ year at least means something.

I’ve always liked how the Ravens have had that underdog mentality, but this year it feels weird to actually be at the top of some of the experts’ lists. Usually, the Ravens get no credit at all and this year they’re getting all of it. This has led to a lot of animosity between the Jets and Ravens and a lot of trash talking leading up to Monday, and most likely, the talking is not over yet.

Between Ray Lewis, Rex Ryan and now Bart Scott the fuel is on the fire and it’s most likely going to explode on the field Monday night. Bart Scott even knocked Ray Lewis’ new commercial, but I’ll let you be the judge of this one.