Peter King calls Ravens best in NFL’s Peter King wrote in his Monday Morning QB post that, “There’s no clear best team in football after four weeks, but Baltimore’s the best, for my money.”

While he does credit the Ravens he also states that the Steelers and Jets should be considered a close second, but he picks the Ravens because “I think after four weeks they can win games in more ways than any other team.”

My favorite part of King’s section on the Ravens is when he talked with Joe Flacco after the game: “You ever think you’d see a receiver running wide open in the end zone, in this stadium?’’ I asked him.

“No,’’ he said. “Not even close. That doesn’t happen. But when he froze on the little pump, I knew it’d be open.’‘

King also talks about how big Lardarius Webb played in this game and credits the secondary for the win. King points out that Baltimore’s allowing 119.0 passing yards per game, which is the stingiest in the NFL. He is surprised by those numbers, which I’m pretty sure the rest of us are too.

It’s nice to get some credit from the national media. Check the whole column out it you’d like, it’s worth the read.