One last look at the conservative play calling

Maybe I’m still just a little bitter about the Ravens’ loss Sunday against the Patriots.

Or, maybe I’m still just confused over the play calling with the 10-point lead.

I thought I was over it and ready to look towards this upcoming Sunday against the Bills, but then I saw this.

At around 55 seconds into the video we get a look into the Ravens’ locker room as John Harbaugh is giving his postgame speech about the Ravens’ win over the Broncos. It’s a cool look behind the scenes, but then you hear this from Harbaugh, “I’m talking about a killer instinct to learn how to put people away. One play after the next from the beginning to the end, that’s where we’re going with this thing.”

Where was that against the Pats? Yea, we put the Broncos away, but what about the Patriots. The Ravens got so conservative and allowed the Patriots back into the game both on the scoreboard and from a momentum standpoint. Maybe the Patriots adjusted, but why couldn’t the Ravens answer?

Like I said, time to move on.

Are you a little surprised about Harbaughs comments that came a week before the Ravens failed to put the Patriots away?