Could the Ravens really clinch a playoff spot Monday?

There are three possible scenarios as of this week that will land the Ravens a spot in the playoffs. Now all the Ravens have to do is win - or tie, but who really does that?

Scenario 1: A Ravens win coupled with a loss or tie by both the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers
The Colts have to face the Jaguars which is no easy task this year. They’ve been a team that has just found ways to win and it’s always tough to stop Maurice Jones-Drew. The Chargers get the 49ers who are also in a fight to make it to the playoffs themselves. The Chargers have all the momentum, especially after killing the Chiefs last week. I’ll definitely be watching tonight hoping for a Chargers loss.

Scenario 2: A Ravens win, a Colts and Miami Dolphins loss or tie, and a Kansas City Chiefs loss
Unfortunately, Miami has Buffalo this week. That should be a win, but you never know. Maybe the Bills that tore apart the Ravens and almost beat the Steelers will show up. The Chiefs go on the road this week to face the Rams who have been a lot better than the Rams we’ve come to know and love. This wont be an easy game for the Chiefs and they may hold up their end of the bargain this week.

Scenario 3: A Ravens tie, a Miami loss or tie and losses by both the Chargers and Colts
Not really going to say much about this scenario, because I just don’t see a tie happening. If it does though and the Dolphins, Colts and Chargers all lose we’ll be golden. I wonder if any team in history has every made it into the playoffs by tying a team? That would be a weird feeling.

I don’t know who sits down and figures these things out, but I can’t imagine it being fun.