Quality road work for Ravens in close contest with Browns

The Ravens definitely went to Cleveland with a game plan geared more toward winning on the road.

Baltimore has turned to a run-centric strategy on offense, controlling the clock and keeping its defense fresher. With all the injuries to key personnel, maybe the extra rest between drives makes all the difference. Or it could simply be that the Browns’ offense is that bad.

The CBS announcers are continuously shredding rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden for taking too long to work through his progression and thus not get the ball where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

As a result, the Ravens took a 14-9 lead into halftime. The Browns scored the final nine points of the opening half, however.

Ray Rice is leading the charge with 13 runs for 66 yards and a touchdown. Quarterback Joe Flacco was terrific as well, going 10-for-12 for 100 yards. Anquan Boldin is tops among Ravens receivers with four catches for 36 yards.

As for the Browns, Phil Dawson has made three field goals to improve to 15-for-15 this season. While Weeden is getting ripped, he has gone 11-for-18 for 129 yards. Trent Richardson has proven to be quite a bear to tackle, rushing for 76 yards on 14 carries.

Overall, the Browns’ big second quarter has them outgaining the Ravens 205-193. The defense let Cleveland reach scoring position three times in the second quarter, but held the home team to a field goal each time. Not the best start for the defense, but Baltimore still holds the lead.