Ravens hoping to end yellow-flag problem in playoffs

Coach John Harbaugh doesn’t seem to say much unless there’s some purpose behind it, so perhaps he was delivering a message in response to a question about the team’s two personal fouls in Sunday’s contest.

The Ravens ended the regular season having drawn 121 penalties, the second-most in the NFL, including a league-high eight personal fouls - twice as many as any other team.

So when both Ray Rice and Bobbie Williams were flagged for 15 yards against the Bengals, maybe Harbaugh had reason to be a little peeved with his team as it prepares to begin the playoffs.

“Ray’s thing was he was trying to finish a block. I thought it was more of an aggressive foul than anything else,” Harbaugh said. “I would counsel him not to do that in that future. He felt like the play was still on. He didn’t know the play was over, and he thought he (Cincinnati’s Vontaze Burfict) was getting up to go rush the passer, not that we excuse that. We don’t want any personal foul penalties.

“Bobbie’s, there wasn’t much there, but there was enough to be called, obviously, because it was called. (I’ll) counsel him to not get involved in any of that.

“We don’t need any of that. We don’t need any penalties. We certainly don’t need any post-snap shenanigans. I don’t care what they do. I don’t care what they say. I don’t care what they do. We do not need a flag thrown. Be smart enough to make sure the flag is thrown on the other guy. It’s just that simple. If we are smart football team, that’s what we’ll do. I believe our guys are smart enough to figure that out. They better be.”