Suggs happy and healthy as veterans report to training camp

At this time last year, linebacker Terrell Suggs was preparing to be more of a bystander than an active participant in Ravens training camp.

An offseason Achilles tendon injury sent him under the knife and cost him the first six games of the season. Torn biceps later limited him during the team’s stretch run and sprint to the Super Bowl. So reporting to camp on time Wednesday at full strength meant something to the longest-tenured member of the team.

“I’m feeling good. Achilles feels good, biceps feel good, I’m 100 percent,” Suggs said. “You come out here, you report for camp, you don’t have any nicks, any bruises, you don’t have to sit out. You can’t ask for more than that - that opportunity to go to work. Like I said, I’m just blessed that I am 100 percent right now and I do get to go to work.”

Suggs is just glad to be reporting healthy after a year where he missed more than three games for the first time in his 10 seasons.

“It put a lot of things in perspective, like I said before, things that I took for granted - the opportunity to get to go to work and play with my teammates,” Suggs said. “Every football player would tell you training camp, reporting to camp is not really our happiest time, but it’s definitely needed. We definitely need to get our bodies in football shape, because the only thing that will get you in football shape is football, and we need that. I wish I had had the opportunity to do training camp last year, having missed it.”

Suggs isn’t alone in coming to camp healthy after injury woes a year ago. Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata battled knee troubles in 2012 while cornerback Lardarius Webb missed much of the season following knee surgery.

“It’s huge. It’s huge. You definitely want to go into the season healthy,” Suggs said. “I’ve always said, you’ve never won a Super Bowl in training camp, but you have lost it. I think the No. 1 thing is just to get healthy and stay healthy. We’ve got a lot of guys that we’ve got coming back off injuries and we’re ready to have a good year. I think that’s first and foremost - we’re going to get the guys out here, we’re going to work, but I think we also need to be smart working.”

Coming off a year where he was hampered by multiple significant injuries and an offseason where some of his longtime teammates walked away from the game, it would be understandable if Suggs is beginning to think about his football future.

Heck, Ed Reed had seemingly toyed with retirement each of his last three or four summers with the Ravens.

However, Suggs isn’t focused on that yet.

“Well, I’m 30, so I’m all right,” he said. “A lot of those guys are a lot older than me. I’m 30, so if you ask me, I’m probably entering in my football prime right now. I’m not going to think about that this year, definitely. At the end of the year? Probably. I don’t know. It depends on how the year goes.”

Suggs didn’t seem like his boisterous, goofy self in his first meeting with the media on Wednesday. He seemed pulled back and a bit subdued.

But he said not to expect this all the time.

“I’m still going to be ‘Sizzle,’ I’m still going to have fun,” he said. My objective, our objective, the team objective is different now, considering we’re coming off the great things that we had done last year and the great things that happened in the offseason. I’m always going to be Terrell, we’re always going to have a very fun, relaxed locker room.

“I’m going to always be ‘Sizzle’ - you can always count on that. Like I said, I didn’t have this opportunity last year, and I’m kind of just taking it in. I didn’t get the privilege of going to work and training camp with my team. I’m just kind of taking it all in, just enjoying it all.”