Ravens thump Buccaneers in preseason opener

It wasn’t perfect. John Harbaugh had reason to be annoyed at moments. But there was far more good than bad when the Ravens began the preseason with a 44-16 win over the Buccaneers.

Tyrod Taylor had a nice game, passing for 154 yards and two touchdowns. LaQuan Williams stood out above all with a team-high 32 receiving yards, two touchdowns, a fumble recovery and a recovered blocked punt.

The first-team offense had trouble finding a rhythm and linebacker Daryl Smith looks like a potential standout for the starting defense.

The goals in the preseason are to unearth some gems and stay healthy. The Ravens seemed on the way to accomplishing the first with Williams and a few others. Staying healthy? Not so much.

Harbaugh told reporters he wasn’t too concerned about injuries. But running back Bernard Pierce and wideout Deonte Thompson were among potentially key backups to leave the game. Both Pierce and Thompson appeared to hurt their legs.

Even so, it was a good way to start the 2013 season from top to bottom.