Bajema on being re-signed by Ravens for third time this season

Tight end Billy Bajema has been a part of six Ravens transactions since Aug. 31.

He has been cut and re-signed, cut and re-signed, cut and re-signed. Thursday morning brought the most recent in that series of movements, when Baltimore brought the nine-year veteran back once again, cutting running back Shaun Draughn in the process.

Bajema said it doesn’t bother him too much to essentially be the 53rd man on the roster, used - or perhaps abused - to give the Ravens some roster flexibility.

“They’ve always been real up front and I’ve felt like I’d be, each time they did that, I’d be ready to come back and it probably wouldn’t be long,” Bajema said. “It’s just one of those things where it’s the reality of the NFL. You kind of deal with it. It’s tough to be at home when the team’s practicing, but as long as you’re there on game day, it’s OK.”

Fullback Vonta Leach walked by Bajema as the 30-year-old was surrounded by reporters, and hollered, “Billy just shows up on game days and plays, man.”

And that’s somewhat true.

Bajema acknowledged somewhat of an understanding with the team that it can take him off the roster when a spot is needed and he’ll then return.

“I think they know that I can come back and I’ll be ready, and they trust me and I trust them,” Bajema said. “So it’s given them the leeway to make the roster moves that they’ve needed to make, knowing that I’ll be back and I’m part of this team. It’s one of the realities of the NFL and you just kind of deal with it as a player.”

Does he expect to be released by the team again, considering it has happened twice in the last week?

“I don’t anticipate it happening again anytime soon, but you never know,” Bajema said.