Flacco, Rice weigh in on O-line troubles

The Ravens made the move to acquire a new left tackle for a reason.

The offensive line hasn’t been getting the job done and everyone around Owings Mills knows it, including the linemen themselves and the team’s two offensive centerpieces - quarterback Joe Flacco and tailback Ray Rice.

The Ravens rank 28th in the NFL in total offense and rushing offense. The passing offense, in part by necessity, stands 13th in the league.

Flacco’s seven interceptions are the third-most in the NFL, and the 12 sacks he’s absorbed are tied for seventh-most. Pass protection has been a problem and he discussed that Wednesday.

“Just little things. Cleaning up some little things up front, and passing some things off,” he said. “It’s nothing crazy, it’s just little things here and there that are pretty easily fixed. I’m not really too worried about it.”

The running game and its 64 yards per game is a greater concern. Rice and fellow running back Bernard Pierce deserve some of the blame. Running game coordinator Juan Castillo and the other offensive coaches deserve some, as well.

But the fact that the Ravens dealt for Eugene Monroe shows that the team believes the offensive line is most worrisome.

Rice provided his thoughts on the line’s struggles Wednesday.

“It’s not a guy out there saying, ‘We’re not going to get this done.’ It might be a fundamental here, a technique there,” Rice said. “It’s the same scheme. One thing I know is that, going into another team’s stadium, or anybody we’re playing, they’re going to start by saying, ‘We’re not going to let the run game affect us.’ It’s that much respect that they have for our run game that everybody’s coming to play.

“We have to match the other team’s intensity when we go out there to even want to be able to be effective in the run game. I don’t have one guy on my offensive line on this team saying, ‘We’re going to screw this play up.’ But what we’re doing is sometimes a guy wants it a little bit more on the other side. That’s what we have to do, we have to fight that. We have to match the other team’s intensity because everyone’s getting a hat on a hat. We’ve just got to hold the blocks a little longer and we’ll be fine.”