Harbaugh on Newsome’s health, Ravens’ running game

Earlier today, the Ravens announced that general Ozzie Newsome was “feeling fine” and was able to return to work right away.

Newsome was taken to a Chicago-area hospital Sunday after not feeling well following Baltimore’s loss to the Bears. He didn’t fly back with the team and returned this morning.

“It’s good to see Ozzie’s here. He’s working. He’s been here all afternoon working, so he’s back and has a clean bill of health,” coach John Harbaugh said Monday. “We don’t know exactly what caused the situation yesterday, but it wasn’t anything serious. So he seems to be doing fine.”

Harbaugh said he found out about Newsome’s scare after speaking with the team and the media after Sunday’s loss.

“I went back and saw him. At that point in time, they said they thought he was OK,” Harbaugh said. “They had done all the tests. So they didn’t think it was anything serious. But they had to keep him overnight for observation just to make sure. I know they ran tests pretty much all night, Ozzie said. But it looked like he was OK at that point.”

Harbaugh wouldn’t provide an update on defensive tackle Haloti Ngata’s knee, but would discuss the suddenly healing running game.

The Ravens ran for a season-high 174 yards in Chicago. Ray Rice led the way with a season-high 131 yards on the ground for his first triple-digit game of the season.

Harbaugh threw a lot of credit in the direction of the embattled offensive line, which has struggled for much of the year.

“I thought the whole offensive line played well for the most part,” Harbaugh said. “There were things that we have to do better. There’s a couple pass protection issues that we’ll look at. But the yardage was better, the schemes were better, the combinations of blocks were better. We did a better job of cutting off the back side. We did a better job of handling the linebacker run-throughs. We had one linebacker run-through we didn’t handle.

“We had one sack off the left side that shouldn’t have happened. It was a technique error, a pass off between left guard and left tackle. But those are things that happen in games. So that’s part of the battle, that’s part of the fight. So we’ll continue to try and improve every area, including that one.”

Harbaugh also went into greater detail about what improved in the run game.

“One of the things I think we did a better job of was combination blocks,” he said. “We did a better job of IDing which linebacker we were working to. The angles through the double team up to the linebacker were better. We got on those guys a little better. I thought we got them running. We stopped penetration a little bit better up front. We had a few situations where we had to navigate defensive linemen in the backfield. Those are probably the main things.”

The Ravens improved their season average to 83.2 rushing yards per game, leaping from 30th to 27th in the league.