Ravens get to see Ed Reed ... again (plus Ogden note)

Want perhaps your last chance to say goodbye to safety Ed Reed? Now wearing different colors, he might be playing his last game at M&T Bank Stadium Sunday.

Oh, you already did that? I see. You already broke out your No. 20 jersey this season and saw his tribute video while chanting his name? Got it.

Well, you get another chance Sunday, as Reed plays in Baltimore in an opposing uniform for the second time in nine games. But this time, he’s with the New York Jets instead of the Houston Texans. And this time, the game matters an awful lot more.

“Hey, we’ve had this before, right, with Derrick Mason? This is déjà vu all over again, to quote Yogi Berra,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, referring to when Mason played in Baltimore twice in 2011, also with the Texans and Jets.

“We have great respect for Ed. He’s a great player, and what a surprise to see him go there to the Jets. It’s a great reunion. A number of the defenses they were running the last game were Ed defenses that we know have been run here over the years with Rex (Ryan) and even since. It makes sense.”

Wideout Torrey Smith also found it strange that Reed is back twice, just like Mason, with the same two teams as the former Ravens receiver.

“That’s pretty weird. Some positive things happened that year, so hopefully we’ll get on a run seeing those guys,” Smith said, pointing out that the Ravens won both meetings with Mason. “Reed is like a brother. I texted him as soon as he signed with them congratulating him. Obviously, he wants to win and work on that playoff push up there, but none of that matters to our relationship off the field. Once we get on the field, it’s about playing. We’re representing Baltimore. He has Baltimore in his heart, but he’s representing New York. It will be huge for him and the Jets as well as this game for us and the Ravens.”

Linebacker Terrell Suggs will be happy to see Reed again, even if it isn’t in purple and black.

“It’s just always good to see your family still on the football field,” Suggs said.

Note: Former Ravens tackle Jonathan Ogden will receive his Hall of Fame ring on the field at halftime of Sunday’s game.

Ogden was the first player ever drafted by the Ravens franchise, and the first draftee elected to the Hall of Fame.