Some morning leftovers from Harbaugh

Even though coach John Harbaugh spoke strongly Monday about the Ravens’ need to clean up their turnovers, he wouldn’t publicly admonish Joe Flacco for his second straight multi-interception game.

Flacco has been picked off more than once in a game four times this season on the way to a career-high 13 through 10 games. On Sunday, he was intercepted twice, with one being returned for a touchdown.

“I don’t ever get into all that in the public forum,” Harbaugh said of the pick-six. “Those things are all addressed very aggressively in-house in our meeting room. And our guys take responsibility, and there is accountability, and it’s never one thing. But that’s how we do it. So we all need to be better. We need to collectively be better.”

Harbaugh also covered a couple of other interesting topics. The edge rush combo of Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil, which has been such an asset for the Ravens defense this year, was shut down by the Bears on Sunday.

For the first time this season, neither Suggs nor Dumervil had a sack Sunday. Suggs leads the team with nine and Dumervil has 8.5. Harbaugh addressed what Chicago did to keep the duo off the board - something the team has to hope other teams can’t replicate against the Ravens going forward.

“They were chipping the edges quite a bit. That had a lot to do with it,” Harbaugh said. “It was a tough pass rush day as far as the field conditions. But they were chipping the edges for the most part all day, then getting guys out.”

Also Monday, Bears coach Marc Trestman acknowledged that some of his defensive players felt they were drawn into pre-snap penalties by guard Marshal Yanda. Trestman told reporters that he plans to contact the league office about Yanda’s tactics.

“There was some of that,” Trestman told the media. “I was talking to some of the officials about it. There was some extra movement that could have possibly gone on. (And) there were times . . . I watched (Yanda) closely, I didn’t see it. We’ll turn it in, and the league will make the decision. But it certainly may have affected us.”

Harbaugh responded to the attention being directed at Yanda.

“My take is that’s what Marshal has been doing exactly all year,” Harbaugh said. “What they tell you is as long as it’s consistent all year that that’s the way it is. You have to have the mechanism to snap the ball with crowd noise. It’s a silent mechanism. The fact that the Bears don’t choose to use that one, they have other ways to do it. They do it with their center - their center is nodding his head all over the place. So, we’re not going to send that in, but the one that Marshal got called for was the same thing he had been doing the whole game. It was no different.”