Suggs cutting out the cookies

Terrell Suggs’ weight loss has been well-documented.

The three-time Pro Bowl linebacker played last year at a hefty 283 pounds, but he worked hard this offseason and got down to a slim 263 entering camp.

How did he do it?

In addition to the normal workout plan that features some cardio and lifting weights, Suggs made a major change this offseason - he cut the Popeye’s chicken and cookies out of his diet.

“You know, I did like the cookies,” Suggs said. “It was kind of a reward once we started getting the weight down. It was like, OK, if you reach a certain goal, then OK, you can have a cookie. But then you have to work hard in practice.

“But she did a good job, she’s the team nutritionist, so she did a good job helping me, especially down the stretch.”

I guess I’m not as mentally tough as Suggs; I gave in and went with a nice chocolate chip cookie after lunch this afternoon. Sue me.

Suggs said it wasn’t his poor 2009 season that motivated him this offseason as much as it was making sure that he was there for his teammates.

“I wanted to be the best player for the Baltimore Ravens,” Suggs said, “and that was kind of the motivation just to get back to what you all are used to seeing me as.”

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