Surgery complete, Foxworth now on recovery trail

Nearly two weeks after tearing the ACL in his right knee, Domonique Foxworth had surgery to repair the damage.

The procedure was performed yesterday by Dr. James Andrews, because ... well, who else would it be performed by?

Foxworth announced the surgery on his Twitter account, where he also wrote about the post-surgery struggles that he’s going through right now.

“Nebody who knows me knows I never drink or smoke and am generally opposed to drugs, but I’m counting down til I can pop a pain pill,” Foxworth wrote.

“My knee is killin me. And almost everytime I eat a lil bit and take pain meds I throw-up. I really need the drugs to stay down,” he added later.

Foxworth will miss the entire 2010 season, but if he follows the recovery path of fellow corners Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb, he should be able to participate in most of the Ravens’ offseason workout program next year.

Washington and Webb have each needed around eight months of rehab before being able to cut and move around confidently on the knee. Eight months for Foxworth would have him back in late March, around the time that the Ravens start their lifting and conditioning program for the offseason.

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