Gooden progressing from dislocated shoulder

It’s now been almost two weeks since Tavares Gooden suffered a dislocated shoulder against the Bengals, and the third-year linebacker says he’s starting to feel a little better.

“I’ve just been working hard,” Gooden said. “Been working out with the training staff, just trying to come back as soon as I can.”

After being diagnosed with the shoulder dislocation last week, Gooden went down to Florida to get a second opinion from Dr. John Uribe. Gooden says that diagnosis confirmed what he had originally been told.

“What coach Harbs released to the media, it’s the same thing basically that Dr. Uribe said,” Gooden said. “So right now, it’s just strengthening and getting back. Just getting stronger each week. [There’s some] general soreness. It feels good, it’s been a week out, but now it’s just working hard and trying to get back and doing everything the trainers are telling me to do.”

Gooden had been playing mostly on third downs in passing situations, and he had posted four tackles in two games. The Miami product also was a big contributor on special teams.

The Ravens prefer players not to talk about their timetable for a return from an injury, but outside of that, Gooden says that he doesn’t have any personal expectations for when he’d like to return.

“I just want to be back as soon as I can, because I miss the game,” Gooden said. “Just going to meetings every day and being myself, it’s not the same because I’m not able to go out there and do the same things I do. But I’m just praying and hoping that everything heals up as quick as it can so I can get back out there. There is no time limit as of now, but that’s what we’re doing, working to get me back on the field.”

Is it tougher having to sit out this week against the Steelers?

“All of ‘em, man. All of ‘em,” Gooden says. “I was having a decent season this year, and it’s tough when everything’s starting to fall into place, then an injury like this happens. I was looking forward to having a hell of a season this season, but like I said, now it’s just up to me to work hard and pray and let the trainers get me back on the field as fast as they can.”

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