Oher fined for in-game Tweet

It might not be a James Harrison-level fine, but Ravens left tackle Michael Oher has received a bill from the league office.

According to an email from a league spokesman, Oher has been docked $5,000 by the NFL for violating the league’s social media policy.

The Ravens’ left tackle sent out a Tweet during the Ravens-Bucs game last Sunday after he had left with a sprained knee.

The Tweet read: “I’m good people have to thank the man above for this one! Will be ready for pitt next week!”

The second-year tackle deleted the message shortly thereafter, but he still caught the eye of the league office.

NFL rules state that players are not allowed to use social media from 90 minutes before a game until after the traditional media has had post-game access to the players.

Oher had a feeling a fine might be coming, so I guess you could say he wasn’t “blindsided” by this news.

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