Bisciotti closes out the 2010 season

At the end of today's 45 minute season-ending press conference, after answering questions on every aspect of his team, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said he wanted to make one final statement.

I'll have much more from today's presser over the course of the next few days (because there really is that much to talk about), but wanted to pass along Bisciotti's thoughts, which he said were intended for the fans.

Here it is:

"In closing, really for the fans: We do this for a living; (reporters) do that for a living, and they support us. I know the vitriol is tough for us to take, but we hear you. Most of your complaints are valid and legitimate. Maybe the Saints didn't have a lot after they won last year. It's like you just hope that things hold on. You hope you make mistakes at least important times. I just want the fans to know that though we don't give you 100-percent result, we do give you 100-percent effort. I'm proud of these guys. But, you're not wrong.

"I came home from Atlanta from the NFL meetings, and I got on the Internet, and it took me about a half-hour to read what (members of the media) all were saying and what the fans were agreeing with you about. I don't have much argument. There are a lot of things that you all are pretty accurate (about) when it comes to assessing the team, and so are our fans. They're committed, they're knowledgeable, and right now, they're really frustrated. But, we're trying to put a good product on the field for you, and it requires all the employees here that give their heart and soul to it. Like I said, I read for a half-an-hour, and this is what I came up with your recommendations:

- "Re-sign (Haloti) Ngata, (Marc) Bulger, (Josh) Wilson, (Sam) Koch, (Billy) Cundiff, (Le'Ron) McClain, (Marshal) Yanda, (Chris) Carr and T.J. (Houshmandzadeh)
- Change the offense
- Sign or draft a big left tackle and fast wide receivers
- Add a big shutdown corner and a dominant edge rusher
- Get faster players
- Get smarter players
- Get more veterans, but get younger
- Fire Ozzie, Cam, (Greg) Mattison and (Joe) Flacco
- Don't be a tool, Bisciotti, or 'Bis-cot-ee,' as they said
- Get a deal done with the union
- And finally, don't be a mettlesome owner

"I promise you we'll get as many of those things done in the offseason as we can."

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