Heap returns, doesn't miss a beat

With the playoffs approaching, Todd Heap could have played it super-safe and sat out yesterday's game against the Bengals.

Instead, Heap felt that his hamstring injury had recovered enough to give it a go versus Cincinnati. After missing the previous three games with the injury, the Ravens' tight end wanted to get some game action under his belt before postseason action came around.

"For me, I felt like it was important," Heap said. "Anytime you miss a few games, and especially in this situation where we're heading into the playoffs, you want to get back out there and make sure you get your hands right, your feet right, and your sets right. Just get your feet back under you is the main thing. I felt like I was able to do that today, and in perfect time to get into the playoffs."

Heap didn't appear to have must rust yesterday, making three catches for a team-high 53 yards.

37 of those yards came on a smoothly-executed flea flicker screen pass - a play which I can't say I've ever seen before - in which Joe Flacco hit Heap after receiving a toss back from running back Willis McGahee.

"It was a play we practiced this week," Heap said. "It caught them off guard, and we caught them rushing in towards the passer, and it was as wide open as I've seen a screen play like that in a while. Our guys were blocking downfield, and it seemed as if I were setting up blocks. I wasn't really doing much but setting up blocks. Our guys were staying on their guys, and it was a big play for us."

Heap said the hamstring felt good coming out of the game, and overall, he's pleased with where he's at health-wise going into the postseason.

"I feel pretty good right now, relatively," Heap said. "I haven't played in a few weeks, so all of the little bumps and bruises have had a chance to heal up. I've just been working on getting my hamstring right, and I feel like it's where I want it to be right now.

"I'm feeling as good as I have going into the playoffs as I have in my career, so I'm excited about it."

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