Ray’s Old Spice vs. Troy’s Head & Shoulders

In the midst of a serious week of legitimate football buildup, we’ve had a few comical moments out at Ravens headquarters the last few days.

Not surprisingly, most of them have involved Terrell Suggs.

Yesterday, there was Suggs sporting a t-shirt that flipped the bird at the Steelers. The day before, Suggs said that he doesn’t like Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, but that he’d want Ward on his side if he ever got in a brawl.

But yesterday, Ray Lewis got in on the act a little bit when he was asked whose TV ads are better - his series of Old Spice commercials or Steelers safety Troy Polamalu’s set of Head & Shoulders ads.

Lewis cracked a big smile.

“Now this has got to be the funniest question I have ever heard in my life,” he said. “I don’t know. I like Troy’s commercial. I even like the next one that just came out with the multiple heads going everywhere. I just think they’re all in fun. If you know Troy, you know his personality.

“When you get on commercial sets, it’s amazing the things they can ask you to do, and then you know the heat that you’re going to take for it all year. I’ve been taking this heat all year, so I’m going to keep riding it out, and hopefully, I can get away with it at the end of the year.”

I’ll let you decide for yourself - which line of ads is better?

Here’s my favorite in the Ray Lewis Old Spice series - Ray and the bear that comes out of nowhere:

And here’s my favorite in the Head & Shoulders series, featuring Troy and his Polamolecules:

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