The happiest day of Ngata and Carr's lives

It was a bit of a media madhouse here today at Ravens headquarters with reporters from ESPN and the NFL Network as well as a handful of other national media types joining the normal crowd in Owings Mills.

As much as the players and coaches love postseason football, they're not big fans of the media time during these weeks, when they're overrun with interview requests, conference calls and new faces in their locker room.

ESPN's Chris Berman was a welcome presence at the morning walkthrough, however. Berman was invited onto the middle of the field at the end of the practice, and broke down the team huddle.

The local media gave out our annual awards today, and Haloti Ngata and Chris Carr were the recipients of the two honors.

I'm sure they've never been happier.

Ngata was voted by the media as the team's Most Valuable Player after putting together his second consecutive Pro Bowl season. He posted 65 tackles, a career-high 5.5 sacks, five passes defensed and a fumble recovery.

"That's pretty cool," said Ngata after being told he had won MVP honors. "Thank you, guys. I feel like this year has been a little bit different with my pass rush. I feel like I got a little better there, and hopefully, I can continue to improve in that game and just get better.

"Hopefully, I can be around Baltimore, because I love being here, I love the guys here - and not you guys as much (laughter) - but I love the fans."

Carr, meanwhile, was given the Media Good Guy award for being the most accommodating with reporters and giving us good, insightful material to work with.

"I appreciate [the award], and I understand that the fans want to hear truth, and I try never to lie," Carr said. "I always try to be insightful and truthful to everybody, because fans want to hear stuff and they want [honesty] and they want accountability, too. So, I just try to do that every single week."

The veteran cornerback has been a great guy to have in the locker room from a media perspective because he's always friendly and willing to talk, be it about the Ravens, Boise State, or something non-football related.

The only downside that comes from having Carr around is that you need to watch out for him during the Friday afternoon dunk contests. If a reporter isn't paying attention, Carr will not hesitate to posterize him/her by jumping up and slamming a football down over their head.

He's only gotten me once this year, and I'm trying to avoid No. 2.

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