With a win, Ravens will face Steelers

I love the NFL playoffs.

Two games have been played and both have been fantastic finishes.

Not to be a jinx or anything, but because of the Jets' win over the Colts, if the Ravens happen to beat the Chiefs tomorrow, they will travel to Heinz Field and play the Steelers next Saturday at 4:30 p.m..

The Jets are the lowest-seeded team remaining, so they will face the top-seeded Patriots in Foxborough, Mass.

The Steelers will get the winner of the Ravens/Chiefs game.

If Baltimore wins tomorrow, we'll see the third installment of the bloodbath that is the matchup between the Ravens and Steelers.

The Ravens would have a short week to prepare, but it would mean that they would avoid Tom Brady and company for another week and would get a grudge match with their hated AFC North rivals.

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