Ray Rice sings, Jared Gaither talks

Been a long week? Getting bored at work?

This might help.

Below is a video of your favorite running back signing some Boyz II Men as he tries to convince his cousin to quit smoking.

I guess Ray Rice is a triple threat - he can run, he can catch the ball out of the backfield and he can sing defenders to sleep with some smooth R&B slow jams. (Kudos to the Late for Work blog for spotting the video on Rice’s Twitter.)

Wednesday has come and gone, which means the Ravens have had their meeting with offensive tackle Jared Gaither.

According to a source, the talks went OK. As I mentioned the other day, this was viewed as a preliminary meeting and no deal was expected to get worked out yesterday.

Both sides had to clear the air and discuss Gaither’s health before they could get to work on talking about a contract for 2011. Now that the ball has gotten rolling a bit, they will continue to discuss the possibility of Gaither remaining with the Ravens next season.

What the Ravens are really hoping for is that the 2010 NFL rules will apply again for 2011, and they will be able to tender Gaither as a restricted free agent. That would mean they could avoid trying to iron out a deal, and could retain the four-year veteran at a fairly reasonable price.

If Gaither is an unrestricted free agent, however, things will get more complicated. The Ravens and Gaither’s camp would then need to get together and come up with a contract that works for both sides.

Gaither did not play a single snap in 2010, but because of the Ravens’ struggles up front this season, his value to the Ravens has increased over the last handful of months.

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